Welcome to The Arsenal, Nuno Tavares! | First interview after signing from Benfica

Nuno Tavares has joined us from Benfica on a long-term contract.

The 21-year-old defender developed through the Benfica youth system, making his Benfica B debut in October 2018, before progressing into the first team squad. He made his first-team debut in the Portuguese Super Cup win over Sporting Lisbon in August 2019.

Over the past two seasons, the Portugal Under-21 international - who is predominantly a left-sided defender - made 25 appearances for Benfica. He was in the matchday squad for both matches we played against them in last season’s Europa League last-32, coming on as a late substitute in the second leg.

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  1. ARTDI

    ARTDI4 hari yang lalu

    the smith 🤣🤣🤣😂

  2. Alexia B.

    Alexia B.5 hari yang lalu

    He speaks english better than Harry Kane

  3. Cregg Bent

    Cregg Bent5 hari yang lalu

    Welcome ...let's build back our club ..reclaim north London n England. ...we need bisoumma Madison n auaor

  4. N Y

    N Y6 hari yang lalu

    Better English than Kane

  5. Bart Simpson

    Bart Simpson7 hari yang lalu

    This guy kisses dogs btw

  6. No ufo here

    No ufo here8 hari yang lalu

    It sounds like not his words

  7. Umair Ansari

    Umair Ansari9 hari yang lalu

    He looks like Wakandan Pepe.


    VN TECHY9 hari yang lalu

    Nice playerrrrrrrr

  9. Eli Vegas

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  10. Raphael Jacob Panangian Sitompul 2055052

    Raphael Jacob Panangian Sitompul 20550529 hari yang lalu

    He actually said Arsenal was a big club..... scripted as hell

  11. RK9

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    UZOR UCHENNA10 hari yang lalu

    Coming to add to the useless arsenal team. Clowns

  13. old skool fool

    old skool fool10 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to Arsenal Nuno...

  14. Anthony Abdorab

    Anthony Abdorab11 hari yang lalu

    oh he going to save arsenal

  15. Dinsanga Pachuau

    Dinsanga Pachuau11 hari yang lalu

    Does arteta plays fifa 21, young left footed players 80+ potential with real face ......loading!!!........ Nuno Tavares

  16. Glitch

    Glitch11 hari yang lalu

    “The smith” 😂

  17. Jao dej

    Jao dej11 hari yang lalu

    welcome nuno i trust u

  18. Ciise Xayaata

    Ciise Xayaata11 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to arsenal

  19. Johar Muse

    Johar Muse11 hari yang lalu

    This season we look promising and we want the club to do more.

  20. James Harrison

    James Harrison11 hari yang lalu

    "The Smith" is probably his darts name

  21. GKonguito47

    GKonguito4712 hari yang lalu

    He played very well for Benfica in the portuguese league, he has a lot of potencial and a lot of things to improve. In this 2020/2021 he didn't play that much because the current Benfica coach, Jorge Jesus, doesn't like to give play time to the youngster which is bad. Good luck to him and to you Arsenal fans 🔴⚪

  22. Kevin Adrian

    Kevin Adrian12 hari yang lalu

    Welcome Nuno!

  23. LennyJohnson5

    LennyJohnson512 hari yang lalu

    I like ‘The Smith’ too… 👍

  24. JackPlayz40

    JackPlayz4012 hari yang lalu

    I hope he's better at Arsenal

  25. Shikabala 77

    Shikabala 7712 hari yang lalu

    Good luck with him Arsenal fans😂

  26. Amin Trouble

    Amin Trouble12 hari yang lalu

    Benfica fans in the mud

  27. Firas Alayyoubi

    Firas Alayyoubi12 hari yang lalu

    Very astute player. "Smith" and Saka. Best players at our club right now.

  28. Ify Ugbeh

    Ify Ugbeh12 hari yang lalu

    Good job Arsenal !!! One deal done...more to go. Tavares will be a good deputy to Tierney!!!...not Kolašinac or using Xhaka or Saka at LB !!! Everyone knows the area or roles that Arsenal lacked quality and depth last season....The team lacked a solid midfield partner to Thomas Partey, a ball-carrying player marker and a quality right back. These areas can be well-solved if Edu and Arteta can go full gear in this transfer and bring in Yves Bissouma, Houssem Aouar and Max Aarons. - Yves Bissouma replaces Granit Xhaka. - Houssem Aouar replaces Martin Ødegaard and Daniel Ceballos. - Max Aarons replaces Héctor Bellerín. Bringing in Benjamin White is a good deal and If Saliba is heading out on loan, then hopefully he comes back from his loan spell of a full year of active games under his belt to stake a position in defense next year in the team because that lad is one for the future. Also, to achieve a good window; Arsenal MUST get a rival for Leno (André Onana), give ESR a contract extension and Give Gabriel Martinelli the second slot in the central striking after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Bringing in Albert Lokonga is also a good deal. Him and Miguel Azeez should be under-studies to Partey and Bissouma. The Squad. GK: Leno/Onana RB: Chambers/Aarons LB: Tierney/Tavares RCB: White/Holding LCB: Magalhães/Mari CM: Partey/Lokonga and Bissouma/Elneny CAM: Aouar/ESR LW: Saka/Willian RW: Pepe/Nelson FW: Aubameyang/Martinelli My preferred Matchday lineup Leno Aarons White Gabriel Tierney Partey Aouar Bissouma Saka Aubameyang Pepe Subs: Onana, Chambers, Tavares, Holding, Mari, Lokonga, Elneny, ESR, Willian, Nelson, Martinelli, Azzez, Balogun With these setup and without European competition next season, Arsenal should focus on getting a good stand in the EPL with European UCL qualification in mind; get a good runs at the Cup competitions (FA and Carabo). **Arteta and Edu MUST be ruthless in this window and The KSE MUST spend big!!!**

  29. Ify Ugbeh

    Ify Ugbeh12 hari yang lalu

    Dear Arsenal, there are times when you don't actually need top established "high priced" players to make a solid team. All you need is a talented player with Quality and room to continuously improve. Look at The Ajax side in 1995, The Man Utd side of 1999, The Leicester side in 2015.....and currently the Lille side that just won the Ligue 1 in France and the Rangers side that dethroned Celtic in Scotland! A team is solid when the players play as a unit to their strength and quality. Also a team makes progress with players that are manageable and coachable. Arsenal short-comings last season was the lack of a Creative ball-carrying midfielder, A quality RB, another quality GK and LB as well as a good DM partner for Partey! A team simply needs 3-4 players in key roles to build the remaining players around. Arsenal has Auba, Partey, Saka, Tierney, Pepe to build a team around. Example of these trusted generals in the teams I mentioned above includes; - Ajax (Blind, Rijkaard, Litmanen, Finidi) - Man Utd (Keane, Schmeichel, Scholes, Cole, Stam) - Leicester (Vardy, Morgan, Schmeichel, Kanté, Mahrez) - Lille (Fonte, Yılmaz, André, Reinildo, David) - Rangers (Goldson, Tavernier, Kent, Aribo, McGregor, Morelos) If Arsenal can get Aouar, Bissouma, Onana , Aarons , White along with Tavares & Lokonga, it will be a great transfer...and they will be a better team going forward! Arsenal don't have to spend big to get Grealish, Maddison or Isco...also, it is unwise to get a player who heart is somewhere like Locatelli and Ødegaard. Arsenal needs players that are fans of the club and looking forward to come and play and take the team back to the top....not a player that quotes or preferred Champions league football when he is supposed to come and fight for that privilege and honour! Arsenal must spend in this window but it must be smart and in KEY areas that needs backup, competition and improvement.

  30. BeanutPutter

    BeanutPutter12 hari yang lalu

    Imagine him and Willian on the left together🔥 We've got our Arsenal Back!



    Will he bench KT

  32. Ejiofor Michael

    Ejiofor Michael13 hari yang lalu

    Wow! Announcing a new player over the weekend is not one thing Arsenal do.. I'm stunned! Weclome to Arsenal Tavares

  33. Some Guy

    Some Guy13 hari yang lalu

    If I were to use hairstyles as a factor then this might and I say might be the same with Thomas partey's season

  34. LA POPE

    LA POPE13 hari yang lalu

    I can already see the laughs with Nuno and The Smith's commentary sessions

  35. e1 awesome

    e1 awesome13 hari yang lalu

    I believe that The Smith will be working hard to be Tavares’s idol

  36. Samuel Hubert

    Samuel Hubert13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome talent !❤

  37. Derrel Ich

    Derrel Ich13 hari yang lalu

    Even he is pissed that we are long with our transfer process 😂😂😭

  38. André Hatlevik

    André Hatlevik13 hari yang lalu

    Great to get the first signing I hope without Europa League will help is with heart in Premier League

  39. fauzi rachman

    fauzi rachman13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome nuno @arsenal COYG

  40. Karan Chaba

    Karan Chaba13 hari yang lalu

    Good to see him putting in so much effort in speaking English. He is a very smart and important signing, more than people think he is. Welcome to Arsenal, Nuno Tavares ! ❤️🔴⚪

  41. arsenal_fan10

    arsenal_fan1013 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to arsenal nuno

  42. Dante Chazy

    Dante Chazy13 hari yang lalu

    This dude Loves dogs. I've you know I talking about. Lol

  43. Dynamo -_-XZ

    Dynamo -_-XZ13 hari yang lalu

    Congratulations Nun Tavres

  44. Pierre emiliano Aubameyang

    Pierre emiliano Aubameyang13 hari yang lalu

    Welcom Nuno to in Arsenal

  45. bluestreak1975

    bluestreak197513 hari yang lalu

    welcome, my man

  46. Takeshi Tokio

    Takeshi Tokio13 hari yang lalu

    Now sign Ruben Nevsh

  47. Merida O'hara

    Merida O'hara13 hari yang lalu

    The benfica leftside was a motorway when he defended. The man played like a winger with no responsibility. Arsenal fans you're going to cry when you see him caught out of position. 😂😂😂

  48. stefano cacchioli

    stefano cacchioli13 hari yang lalu

    What an underwhelming signing arsenal fans want locateli

  49. Pratip Chakraborty

    Pratip Chakraborty13 hari yang lalu

    seems like he is a no nonsense guy. Waiting for him to see on the pitch

  50. Josstick

    Josstick13 hari yang lalu

    Not a single Dog comment? Okay....Will be a nice backup to Tierny

  51. Richie Shive

    Richie Shive13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to Arsenal Mr. Nuno


    KIYINGI EDRINE13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome home Nuno you will be bigger and versatile...

  53. Nana Abeyie

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  54. Njabulo Gule

    Njabulo Gule13 hari yang lalu

    "The Smith"😂😂at least he's English is not that bad...

  55. Njabulo Gule

    Njabulo Gule13 hari yang lalu

    Defender that like dribbling......never heard that one before......hope he succeeds at Arsenal though...COYG🔴⚪🔴⚪

  56. Mr Gaudy

    Mr Gaudy13 hari yang lalu

    First Saliba, now this guy. Arsenal seem to be building a team of exhibitionists


    NEXT INEANG13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to arsenal..🥳🥳🥳❤️

  58. Jeffe 91

    Jeffe 9113 hari yang lalu

    Every player says henry.....wish someone would say berkamp or viera for a change

  59. Yaw Opoku

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    Ngl it's good he knows English. Will help him integrate

  60. slimcrazy06

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    big up The Smith

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    arsenal 2021/22 home kit

  63. Dimitra Yumnam

    Dimitra Yumnam13 hari yang lalu

    Looks like the next saliba. Bench bench bench...

  64. Hard Worker

    Hard Worker13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to Arsenal Nuno. I like all your answers. Don't let the jovial playful guys in the team make u lose your focus. Stay hungry and win things for Arsenal.

  65. Offical Flo

    Offical Flo13 hari yang lalu

    I love it how he says, I’m so happy with a straight face.

  66. shati jamir

    shati jamir13 hari yang lalu


  67. Frandsen soerren

    Frandsen soerren13 hari yang lalu

    If this guy only said "and I am happy" one more time that was it.

  68. Eugene Justin

    Eugene Justin13 hari yang lalu

    Are we gonna offload Sead? By the way, good luck Nuno. Hope you can bring glory to Arsenal.

  69. จิรายุส จุลปานะ

    จิรายุส จุลปานะ13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to Arsenal Nuno Tavares! From Thailand 🇹🇭

  70. Ongsa Phosri

    Ongsa Phosri13 hari yang lalu

    Next Tomas Tavarez

  71. Atiq MB

    Atiq MB13 hari yang lalu

    His English is already better than Harry Kane...!

  72. kisegerwa micheal

    kisegerwa micheal13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome bro, and feel at home

  73. Amir Azraei

    Amir Azraei13 hari yang lalu

    Simple, straightforward. Im in love with this guy already

  74. Daniel Ferreira

    Daniel Ferreira13 hari yang lalu

    8M + 2,5M em objetivos por este manco?? Ahahaha

  75. Tommy Phan

    Tommy Phan13 hari yang lalu

    His English is somehow simultaneously good and bad at the same time

  76. Harjuna Asmara

    Harjuna Asmara13 hari yang lalu

    Alphonso davies is same

  77. Justin Thomas

    Justin Thomas13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to the club mate and Good luck

  78. Hot Girls Video XXX

    Hot Girls Video XXX13 hari yang lalu

    le is called Love,the cast

  79. Pedro Amado

    Pedro Amado13 hari yang lalu

    He’s awful, thanks Banter FC for signing him, in Benfica we’ll be thankful forever

  80. Sticky Kitty

    Sticky Kitty13 hari yang lalu

    Hey arsenal how about a tribute video for a legend who passed a couple of days ago PAUL MARINER RIP Never forget your own

  81. Chubby Greyhound

    Chubby Greyhound13 hari yang lalu

    Fingers crossed the smit signs that contract asap.

  82. riad bennani

    riad bennani13 hari yang lalu

    Bienvenue dans le club et j'espère que tu vas donner un plus pour le club

  83. Clay Odari

    Clay Odari13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to Arsenal Nuno Tavares. This is the Mighty Gunners!

  84. 2pointsdropped

    2pointsdropped13 hari yang lalu

    Why subtitle someone who's English is *that* good?

  85. Clay Odari

    Clay Odari13 hari yang lalu

    This is now dynamism and change of the vision. We want this for our club. Sign young talented players at a good price and bring up our Academy graduates to the first team. We don't want huge expenditures on average players like has been the case previously.

  86. Sean Lawson

    Sean Lawson13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome Nuno!. Don't expect to win anything except for FA cups.

  87. Mr Feather

    Mr Feather13 hari yang lalu

    its like he's reading a script lol. he's not looking forward to see the likes of bellerin, kolasinac and xhaka on the pitch haha

  88. Challe JR7

    Challe JR713 hari yang lalu

    Suprising good English

  89. Ameer Fareez

    Ameer Fareez13 hari yang lalu

    Well come to the Arsenal Nuno. Good luck and hope you can be the next legend and transform back our club to tittle contenders and win the EPL CL tittle

  90. Mu'azu Muh'd Ameen

    Mu'azu Muh'd Ameen13 hari yang lalu

    Welcome to arsenal

  91. Chris Gooner

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    Welcome to Arsenal bro 👊

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    why is there subtitles ??

  93. All Total Coaching

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  94. hooareya

    hooareya13 hari yang lalu

    a great addition to the squad.

  95. Nathan Mascall

    Nathan Mascall13 hari yang lalu

    fair play his english is already very good

  96. Quân Đỗ

    Quân Đỗ13 hari yang lalu

    welcome Home, Nuno ❤️

  97. Shikhar Wadhwa

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    Welcome to the arsenal family … nuno 🇵🇹

  98. Shikhar Wadhwa

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    Hopefully more signings to come.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 now..

  99. Lyrical Tigre

    Lyrical Tigre13 hari yang lalu

    Am happy, i think

  100. Teguh paniro Simamora

    Teguh paniro Simamora13 hari yang lalu

    This player not enought to fans Next we need kylian mbappe.. Earling Haaland for make big dream. Or just a dream..or just a joke. Arsenal so sad now

  101. Ega aa

    Ega aa13 hari yang lalu

    Young player again?