Ranking Gabriel Martinelli's Top 10 Goals for Arsenal

Gabi loves a goal and here's his top ten strikes for the club so far - which was your favourite?

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  1. Muizz Yusuf

    Muizz Yusuf47 menit yang lalu

    Iove Gabi but isn't this like doing a greatest hits compilation after releasing 1 album?

  2. Cherinet Boke

    Cherinet BokeHari Yang lalu

    Besides injury, Arteta's treatment of this exceptional young talent make me shocked. He has an eagle eye to the goal.

  3. Htoi Pan

    Htoi Pan4 hari yang lalu

    Best player

  4. Akash

    Akash11 hari yang lalu

    He is need to include in current playing el even of brazil

  5. Aslam Kalladikode

    Aslam Kalladikode12 hari yang lalu

    He is the striker brazil wanted

  6. MD. Nazmul Hossain

    MD. Nazmul Hossain12 hari yang lalu


  7. darwis

    darwis14 hari yang lalu

    For all the crap our board has got over the years (and deservedly so), they undoubtedly struck gold with this guy 🔥

  8. Hafina Hafina

    Hafina Hafina16 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldinho confirm it he just like R9...

  9. Katlego Chuchu

    Katlego Chuchu19 hari yang lalu

    My dream is to play for this team

  10. Hikmahuddin Hasbullah

    Hikmahuddin Hasbullah23 hari yang lalu

    this kid has talent and discipline..the thing that their legend ronaldinho lacked in the past because of his night life,discipline

  11. Dhy Dhy

    Dhy Dhy25 hari yang lalu

    His goal scoring instinct is amazing

  12. masao rusdianto

    masao rusdianto26 hari yang lalu

    martinelli show how to beat kante and slip..


    SYGOH MUSICBulan Yang lalu

    I prefer when Martinelli is in the box. He is lethal.

  14. Assnapkin Ed

    Assnapkin EdBulan Yang lalu

    I'm calling it. He's the next Macheda.

  15. Jonathan Koen

    Jonathan KoenBulan Yang lalu

    Only ten goals he’s ever scored lol wasteman

  16. 24-7 TT Plumbing & Heating

    24-7 TT Plumbing & HeatingBulan Yang lalu

    Gabi 😎👊🏿

  17. GolfingGooner

    GolfingGoonerBulan Yang lalu

    Needs more game time next season 🤞

  18. Андрей Ники

    Андрей НикиBulan Yang lalu

    Арсенал, да что с тобой стало? Наша любимая команда проходит не простой период, Арсенал не входит в топ конманд Европы, что очень печально для меня как для фаната болеющего за вас со времен Анри и Беркампа. Но что я вижу здесь? Радость по поводу голов даже не среднего уровня, и это называется топ. Есть что возразить? готов к диалогу.

  19. ก้านราย อิอิ

    ก้านราย อิอิBulan Yang lalu

    Gabriel Martinelli you must be a vanguard

  20. ก้านราย อิอิ

    ก้านราย อิอิBulan Yang lalu

    ateta get out

  21. Alex Gærtner

    Alex GærtnerBulan Yang lalu

    I cant believe we're letting odegaard go :'(

  22. 4Q33F H41M4N

    4Q33F H41M4NBulan Yang lalu

    My favourite when he scores in Chelsea 2-2 arsenal

  23. Vus Carter 92

    Vus Carter 92Bulan Yang lalu

    Why Arteta wasnt playing when he was fit, idk

  24. Will Ntare

    Will NtareBulan Yang lalu

    He should play more as a striker

  25. Wallace Ngugi

    Wallace NgugiBulan Yang lalu

    The ossified stinger finallly stroke because cyclone premenstrually bump toward a nappy observation. luxuriant, slim meal

  26. Oksom'son Em

    Oksom'son EmBulan Yang lalu

    After all this he ain't getting the minutes needed! This gotta stop!!!

  27. Oksom'son Em

    Oksom'son EmBulan Yang lalu

    No doubt that would always be number 1❤

  28. Elstapha

    ElstaphaBulan Yang lalu

    Cuz they know we'd all watch 🙄

  29. Robert Chesaka

    Robert ChesakaBulan Yang lalu

    Great finisher

  30. kelvera88 chief

    kelvera88 chiefBulan Yang lalu

    Now imagine if he actually had real game time.

  31. Deluded Fan

    Deluded FanBulan Yang lalu

    ESR, Saka, Martinelli and Pepe for front 4 next season!!!

  32. m Mucheru

    m MucheruBulan Yang lalu


  33. Max4ikipiki

    Max4ikipikiBulan Yang lalu

    How well he feels the moment. This is the future striker, he needs to be in the starting lineup

  34. george wi

    george wiBulan Yang lalu

    where is the awesome shot against Nottingham forest? Thought it ought to be number 2

  35. Mosioa Dlamini

    Mosioa DlaminiBulan Yang lalu

    ARTETA out

  36. Mosioa Dlamini

    Mosioa DlaminiBulan Yang lalu

    Arterta out, Saliba should be in the starting 11 next season.

  37. Branden Pearce

    Branden PearceBulan Yang lalu

    Prove them haters wrong

  38. Magna Carta

    Magna CartaBulan Yang lalu

    Before arteta came and ruined him

  39. ÔRF

    ÔRFBulan Yang lalu

    Finally god listen , Arteta after 1st 3 games on new season will be Out Out Outeta, no excuses dis times Arteta . No where to hide u had ur preseason boloocks. Brentford , chelsea and city ، 😂😂😂😂enjoy

  40. Naisha Lubega

    Naisha LubegaBulan Yang lalu

    Such a star not just in the future but very much in the present

  41. Naisha Lubega

    Naisha LubegaBulan Yang lalu

    This boy is gonna be big

  42. joseph mullan

    joseph mullanBulan Yang lalu

    I love martinelli but making a top ten when he’s only scored 12 is a bit weird

  43. thorgen

    thorgenBulan Yang lalu

    Average goals, mostly tap ins

  44. Pierre Lacazette

    Pierre LacazetteBulan Yang lalu

    I swear if Balo, Saliba and Martinelli are not played enough next season they will leave and it will be all upon Artetanus and his process

  45. Pat Patreon

    Pat PatreonBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal better not sell Martineli

  46. Heavy D

    Heavy DBulan Yang lalu

    I think arsenal should go for this players 1:kelvin Phillips20-30M 2:ruben neves35-40M 3: Matheus Pereira20-25M 4: Manor Solomon20-25M 5: Mehmet Zeki Çelik20-25M 6: Manuel Locatelli25-30M l think maitland-niles or Cedric is a good backup left back for tieney no need to go for a world class left back when we have tieney we saw what happened between Leno and Martinez so arteta we not want to deal with a saga like that I no not all the players in this list we come but at least we need to try, we see what Chelsea have don in the transfer market I think we need to break the bank for once, I no people we say we need a right center back but I think we should give Salina and Konstantinos Mavropanos a chance with holding, I no some player can also be higher or lower in this list

  47. Stickyshoes

    StickyshoesBulan Yang lalu

    If mason mount scored that last goal everyone would be creaming themselves but because it’s martinelli he doesn’t get the credit

  48. Rory Odonnell

    Rory OdonnellBulan Yang lalu

    I swear he has only scored about 12 goals lol

  49. goshmanta

    goshmantaBulan Yang lalu

    Arteta if you see this please I beg you play this boy next season

  50. Maxamed farax

    Maxamed faraxBulan Yang lalu

    1 okay 👌🙂😌

  51. DO11

    DO11Bulan Yang lalu

    Ranking Gabriel Martinelli's Only Goals for Arsenal

  52. EPIC Issh

    EPIC IsshBulan Yang lalu

    If you frustrate this guy just like you did with cesc,VP,Nasri etc... We protest

  53. Juan Rayo

    Juan RayoBulan Yang lalu

    The future!

  54. Rude Boy

    Rude BoyBulan Yang lalu

    kroenke out

  55. Rohanna Francis

    Rohanna FrancisBulan Yang lalu

    Start him more.

  56. illmatic

    illmaticBulan Yang lalu

    Number 1 was so obvious..

  57. Danial Amshar

    Danial AmsharBulan Yang lalu

    Man got headed goals more than Auba uno

  58. Revman101

    Revman101Bulan Yang lalu

    4:19 you know the goal is great when even the ref comes to celebrate

  59. Mwanda

    MwandaBulan Yang lalu

    Why this guy was never starting when our form was very poor at the mid-way point of the season will go down as one of greatest mysteries of last season.

  60. polarbear

    polarbearBulan Yang lalu

    play him! he has first team quality and also he's our future!

  61. survivor turnover

    survivor turnoverBulan Yang lalu

    astronomical arsenal player

  62. L. J.

    L. J.Bulan Yang lalu

    He could become a club legend ❤️

  63. James Pace

    James PaceBulan Yang lalu

    Some class shithousery posting Martinelli's top 10 when he only has 12 lmao

  64. Real Life

    Real LifeBulan Yang lalu

    The next auba

  65. Jordan

    JordanBulan Yang lalu

    Chambers assist is class and completely under-rated!

  66. Alabi Tope

    Alabi TopeBulan Yang lalu

    You can hear it He's player for the present and not just for the future. Player for next season UCL chance. He needs more playing time. And also good coach who trust in young Talent. We have Saka and Willock with Nelson as well.

  67. Janib Abbasi

    Janib AbbasiBulan Yang lalu

    I love the lad, but would've been better to make a video of his top 5 goals or of all of his goals

  68. Ryan Williams

    Ryan WilliamsBulan Yang lalu


  69. SUSILO ,

    SUSILO ,Bulan Yang lalu

    4:12 since this happened in 2020. kante is getting better. Then Win champions league in 2021 The Blues lost 3-0 at the Emirates in September 2016, then win premier league in 2017 🥲

  70. Shankhadip Pati

    Shankhadip PatiBulan Yang lalu

    That 7th GOAL, assisted Calum Chambers😍.I am in awe of that Assist,he has been brilliant this season perfect backup RB🙌

  71. xX_GhostRex_Xx

    xX_GhostRex_XxBulan Yang lalu

    I’m watching this seeing ozil and realising how stupid it was to not ply him over a tweet

  72. Fut⚽Sojas

    Fut⚽SojasBulan Yang lalu

    Mikel please give him more time like you did ESR and BS. He's class

  73. Siddhesh Rane

    Siddhesh RaneBulan Yang lalu

    Uploading these videos will not heal the wounds. Divert the focus on the transfer market.

  74. Hamdan Alhajary

    Hamdan AlhajaryBulan Yang lalu

    Red is London

  75. Ash 123

    Ash 123Bulan Yang lalu

    We need someone like Rosicky or Cazorla to supply him

  76. Cob Vanth

    Cob VanthBulan Yang lalu

    life is simple, so should arsenal: sell laca put auba back on the wing dont fookn touch saka and let Gabi do his thing down the middle.

  77. จิรายุส จุลปานะ

    จิรายุส จุลปานะBulan Yang lalu

    I hope that Gabi will do it to scoring more goals for Arsenal next season!

  78. จิรายุส จุลปานะ

    จิรายุส จุลปานะBulan Yang lalu

    Gabriel Martinelli is one of Arsenal's best young attackers alongside Bukayo Saka.

  79. Haidar Hanif Kurniadi

    Haidar Hanif KurniadiBulan Yang lalu

    Vs chelsea best

  80. Kenzo Kwansa

    Kenzo KwansaBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal is an irrelevant club now London is blue. What a shame!!! Arsenal have no european or domestic pedigree to compete for the top spot. Might melt the cannon on the badge to show impotency. I despair


    THEKNTBOYBulan Yang lalu

    Where’s his goal against Nottingham


    THEKNTBOYBulan Yang lalu

    The only thing that Edu did well is to scout Martinelli

  83. praveen praveen T

    praveen praveen TBulan Yang lalu

    I knew what would be top 1 , before I see it. The famous run at the Stamford.

  84. Fetuga Ayokunle

    Fetuga AyokunleBulan Yang lalu

    And there comes Arteta who has decline this boy on the bench and Nelson axed at home these two boys were Balling so so good before he came

  85. Quik

    QuikBulan Yang lalu

    Probably our only player who can get ahead of crosses

  86. Major Brix

    Major BrixBulan Yang lalu

    Future club legend...

  87. Semi Taimalie

    Semi TaimalieBulan Yang lalu

    How this kid don't start freaks me out

  88. Oba Razzak

    Oba RazzakBulan Yang lalu

    I was there for the Standard Liege game, but boy the composure he showed for his goal against Chelsea. Absolutely Superb, future of our club! 🔥🔥

  89. david brock

    david brockBulan Yang lalu

    Got to start regularly next season.

  90. jacob Robsolino

    jacob RobsolinoBulan Yang lalu

    This ute is fuccn magic I wish he got more involvement he’s the hardest working whenever he’s on the pitch 💯💯💯💯💯

  91. Jamzor Live Football

    Jamzor Live FootballBulan Yang lalu

    he is sooooo good

  92. Recreation Nation

    Recreation NationBulan Yang lalu

    Reminds me why we should play him more he was so good until he got injured and now Pepe and Saka are first choice

  93. Bathabile Nare

    Bathabile NareBulan Yang lalu

    The dislikes are from the keepers who conceded the goals

  94. cooooolkid9000

    cooooolkid9000Bulan Yang lalu

    Love how much passion he has at such a young age

  95. Ethan Claridge

    Ethan ClaridgeBulan Yang lalu

    Arteta should play him more

  96. Moses Ibironke

    Moses IbironkeBulan Yang lalu

    This guy was doing so well before that injury

  97. Hydra X

    Hydra XBulan Yang lalu

    What a beast him and saka our future star's by the way kante how was your fall lol

  98. Jamie Moir

    Jamie MoirBulan Yang lalu

    What about his first goal v Nottingham Forest it was a belter

  99. Captain Clout

    Captain CloutBulan Yang lalu

    Seems that Emery was setting up for the future playing all these youngsters. He got the most out of them and we were actually winning

  100. JynxStarr

    JynxStarrBulan Yang lalu

    Yep, gave good chances to Nelson, Saka and Martinelli.

  101. Rui Rodrigues

    Rui RodriguesBulan Yang lalu

    Arteta gave more then double the game time to Willian over Martineli last season........let that sink in

  102. Rui Rodrigues

    Rui RodriguesBulan Yang lalu

    @Ray Anderson yes Martineli was injured in July of last year made his return against City in November for a cup game played the next 4 games then played just 65 minutes of football in 2 months while yes Willian wasn't a regular starter anymore, he was getting way more game time then Martineli! Willian started a few games and came off the bench almost every game while Martineli sat on the bench or wasn't even included in the squad! Which culminated in many fans including Martin Keown calling for Martineli to start! Arteta managed Martineli poorly imo his overall men management was poor he even placed Willian ahead of Pepe at the start! To me one major factor why we had a poor season is Arteta's poor usage of the squad at his disposal

  103. Ray Anderson

    Ray AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    You should count the minutes from when Martinelli was FIT. Willian wasn't really playing that much since January