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  1. Kitan Omotoso

    Kitan Omotoso23 jam yang lalu

    Smith rowe the next Dennis Bergkamp

  2. Ko Phone LEO

    Ko Phone LEO23 jam yang lalu

    Smith Rowe/Saka/martineli 👉 our future 💪

  3. Brandon Naidu

    Brandon Naidu23 jam yang lalu

    Aston villa and spurs fans dislike dis 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Lee Crofts

    Lee Crofts23 jam yang lalu

    Ben White will be a great signing and Smith-Rowe signing a long term contract is great business. Please forget about Ramsdale for £32M (THAT’S MADNESS) Sam Johnstone is better at half the price and Emi Martinez is better than both. Let’s please spend wisely and recruit correctly 🙏🏻 no more crazy decisions.

  5. L. J.

    L. J.23 jam yang lalu

    Future club legend! Congratulations Emi!

  6. Nash Lawhon

    Nash Lawhon23 jam yang lalu

    Future Arsenal Captain

  7. Rapids Goat

    Rapids Goat23 jam yang lalu

    All these youngsters waisting there time at arsenal

  8. Yusoff Jamaludin

    Yusoff Jamaludin23 jam yang lalu

    Humble. Top man ESR!

  9. Ahmad Al habib

    Ahmad Al habibHari Yang lalu

    The Smith must live on 💪

  10. Jim Halliday

    Jim HallidayHari Yang lalu

    Good lad 👍👍🍻

  11. ManLikeMoe

    ManLikeMoeHari Yang lalu

    Love ESR. I hope the number 10 isn't too heavy for him.

  12. Ben Ben

    Ben BenHari Yang lalu

    Cool cool cool

  13. Rony Kaseyani

    Rony KaseyaniHari Yang lalu

    The Smith...

  14. Sku The Great

    Sku The GreatHari Yang lalu

    "you're Arsenal's number 10" 😭❤️

  15. Ralph Chan

    Ralph ChanHari Yang lalu

    That Thiago Silva nutmeg never gets old

  16. Anh Nguyễn Vũ Minh

    Anh Nguyễn Vũ MinhHari Yang lalu

    i love smith rowe



    It really looks silly and stupid instead of finding ways to win this management is more interested in photo shoots and suits. They should be mad arsenal finishing 8th twice bloody losers ( management) and beggar owner kroenke out.

  18. Ssentongo James

    Ssentongo JamesHari Yang lalu

    A draw with rangers What if you face Manchester city

  19. updalla Hussien

    updalla HussienHari Yang lalu

    ESR 🔟 ❤

  20. Adeleke Akibu

    Adeleke AkibuHari Yang lalu

    The new jack wilshere 💥💥

  21. Greg Elms

    Greg ElmsHari Yang lalu

    "Young Guns Having some fun"


    MAKAN LAGIHari Yang lalu

    Arsenal's kevin de bruyne

  23. Charlie Humphrey

    Charlie HumphreyHari Yang lalu

    and stuff

  24. o0musique0o

    o0musique0oHari Yang lalu


  25. wor - wor

    wor - worHari Yang lalu

    dikontrak panjang biar harga jualnya tinggi karena potensi calon bintang masa depan..😁😁

  26. Cosmin Contra

    Cosmin ContraHari Yang lalu

    Great choice, for both Arsenal and Smith-Rowe. Now a taller CF with Lacazette's capabilities in tight spaces and linking-up is required

  27. Rishabh B

    Rishabh BHari Yang lalu

    @2:15 I hope AMN stays. He’s exactly what we need at RB. :))

  28. Mathew Hudson

    Mathew HudsonHari Yang lalu

    Congrats again to you ESR. I look forward to your work and expecting the best. COYG

  29. Eshaa Afraz

    Eshaa AfrazHari Yang lalu

    Emile Smith-Rowe 10

  30. Christaki

    ChristakiHari Yang lalu

    Smith Röwe

  31. Jade Nickels

    Jade NickelsHari Yang lalu

    EMILE i hope you read this comment....... Please be Ruthless do not settle for second best , be the best on the pitch always that should be your standard

  32. Arsenal

    ArsenalHari Yang lalu

    Who's looking forward to seeing more of The Smith? 😀

  33. Andrew Griffith

    Andrew GriffithHari Yang lalu

    Emile, continue to keep your head on the pitch and out of the clouds. A mini cooper with 15 goals next season rather than a fancy low-down sports car with nothing to show is the most important

  34. m0921_ _

    m0921_ _Hari Yang lalu

    Curious what u will win there besides nothing ?

  35. Victor

    VictorHari Yang lalu

    Weldone Smith Rowe on your new contract but a word of correction Timbsy, he hasn't achieved so much he's achieved little but with another 12 years ahead of him, we all hope he achieves a lot more with The Arsenal

  36. Jaynern Abideen

    Jaynern AbideenHari Yang lalu

    Until now my stomach still can’t process that Gallas is wearing number 10.

  37. callofdoobie playz

    callofdoobie playzHari Yang lalu

    These contracts are the best signings we made in years!!!!! Saka, Emile and Tierney.

  38. Malibe galana

    Malibe galanaHari Yang lalu

    good luck Emi

  39. Babu O

    Babu OHari Yang lalu

    Very intelligently articulated

  40. Fo Indarto

    Fo IndartoHari Yang lalu

    3 - Tierney 7 - Saka 10 - Smith Rowe 11 - Martinelli

  41. Reason

    ReasonHari Yang lalu

    With all due respect, Arsenal should've signed a proven No. 10. It won't happen now.

  42. Reece Doyle

    Reece DoyleHari Yang lalu


  43. ooh to B

    ooh to BHari Yang lalu

    That's a big wide smile he has..

  44. Jake Ross

    Jake RossHari Yang lalu

    So much respect for the one club man thing

  45. Zach Kri

    Zach KriHari Yang lalu

    I don't know what Arteta has said to Emile "The Smith" and Balogun, but I have to admit I'm surprised that we are able to hold on to both of them..

  46. nucleus

    nucleusHari Yang lalu

    I love these two so much ! Literally feels like they are my own kids. And I am still single. Lol

  47. Денис Кузьминых

    Денис КузьминыхHari Yang lalu

    Top team, King Henry, i miss you Arsenal

  48. Vykier

    VykierHari Yang lalu

    ESR 10

  49. Faysal Haroun

    Faysal HarounHari Yang lalu

    All this only for Arteta to play him on the Wings

  50. Cookie aviation

    Cookie aviationHari Yang lalu

    great win by hibs! A great pen save too!

  51. Elvin Olin

    Elvin OlinHari Yang lalu


  52. Paulie 44

    Paulie 44Hari Yang lalu

    The way he turned up against big opposition, his best no10 performances in a short span have been against Chelsea and United, and he has the knack of keeping the team ticking consistently throughout the season. All he needs is fitness. The playmaking maturity and goalscoring will come, he's got it in his locker.

  53. Alexander Khlapov

    Alexander KhlapovHari Yang lalu


  54. S A Ali

    S A AliHari Yang lalu

    Too young to make impact for top 4, Kroenke yet again gone for the cheap option.

  55. Mahir

    MahirHari Yang lalu

    The Smith

  56. No. 24

    No. 24Hari Yang lalu

    アーセナルの未来は君にかかっている! 頼むぞ、ESR!!

  57. Gonzo Kieran

    Gonzo KieranHari Yang lalu

    The man, the smith, the legend ! Our number 10 🔴⚪️


    TANTUMVERDEHari Yang lalu


  59. Panashe Mutsamwira

    Panashe MutsamwiraHari Yang lalu

    First 3 seconds got me hard look at how happy he is to put pen on paper. That passion

  60. Dawit Kassahun

    Dawit KassahunHari Yang lalu


  61. 마루쉑

    마루쉑Hari Yang lalu

    ESR10 !!!!!

  62. Romeo Mula

    Romeo MulaHari Yang lalu

    All the best bro ⚪️♥️⚪️♥️⚪️♥️⚪️♥️⚪️♥️

  63. EpicNicknameFail Tunchi

    EpicNicknameFail TunchiHari Yang lalu

    ESR, BS, KT are the future of Arsenal!

  64. malcolm thuva

    malcolm thuvaHari Yang lalu

    I love all arsenal players and more to the talents of Hale end! Go go go

  65. Andreas

    AndreasHari Yang lalu

    Please become a legend, thank you

  66. survivor turnover

    survivor turnoverHari Yang lalu

    the coolest

  67. HI my names Yunus

    HI my names YunusHari Yang lalu

    great work smith rowe, u and saka have been carrying arsenal!

  68. Mayur Joshi

    Mayur JoshiHari Yang lalu


  69. Seye Olokundun

    Seye OlokundunHari Yang lalu

    The Smith

  70. Dubz

    DubzHari Yang lalu

    Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal COYG

  71. Jack Ryan

    Jack RyanHari Yang lalu

    Big up the smith

  72. nishie zeam

    nishie zeamHari Yang lalu

    Buy aour..and madisson

  73. Mudyse Osman

    Mudyse OsmanHari Yang lalu

    Congs future lad

  74. Carrington 89

    Carrington 89Hari Yang lalu

    So all the villa talk was just gas from smith rowes agent lol arsenal got bullied into giving him the 10 shirt.